Friday, 16 May 2008

Animated Credits "Pink Panther"

Sorry for the delay in posting - the paid work sort of had to take precedence this week and I have another written project to undertake. Working on animated screen credits with my students we have been enjoying the three minute sequence for the 2006 The Pink Panther, Steven Martin movie. In case you miss the team responsible for the animation credits, they are animation director Bob Kurtz, animator Eric Goldberg, and animation editor Ken Smith. To the immortal Henry Mancini theme music, the debonair panther cavorts in a glistening, scintillating, almost over-powering pink, from champagne bubble bath with lady bathing, strutting underneath pink ladies’ legs, and above a sparkling pink Paris with the landmarks shimmering in the pink moonlight. The animated wit flows like champagne in a movie that was a little flat at times if I have to be truthful. Not so for the credits. Whether sprucing himself up in a hall of mirrors, catching bubbles in his mouth, treading on pink footprints, or soaring in the sky on a pink balloon, the animated character steals the show. It is a classy show-stopping sequence at the start of the movie.

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