Thursday, 8 May 2008

AniBoom & Radiohead Animated Video Competition - the semi finalists (2)

Faust Arp Video by Dany Saadia is a one minute section of a longer movie though one would have expected at this stage in the competition designated “storyboard” to have seen evidence of how the movie is to develop. Presumably it is the stylish depiction of some train commuters that has won over the panel. The characters’ faces have a cartoon quality with over large eyes and some nicely realised background and perspectives. What the young woman is getting up to in her travels and shopping I have not the slightest idea. The note under the movie suggests there is still colour correction to do which may well be true but for an obviously very talented artist and animator such a comment is insufficient. More detail in the intentions please, Dany. I like it though.

15step by Hideyuki Kota is an exciting Japanese anime with our hero sprinting for all he is worth along streets before performing a huge leap for the stars, a gravity defying act that is shown in a mind-blowing explosion of colour. The animation is not complete though we are treated to fairly advanced drawings to indicate the future evolution of the project. I received an interesting reaction to yesterday’s post essentially complaining that the selected videos had strayed beyond individuals’ storyboards into preconceived animations switched opportunistically towards the contest. Hideyuki may well, as one AniBoom respondent suggests, work for a studio. Clearly not all this work has been completed within the time frame. Visually stunning in places, professional through and through, though not, sadly, entirely my cup of tea.

16tracks vs videotape by 16tracks jaiserwinter is set in an underground car park, never the most relaxing of places, and superimposes various computer generated effects (cubes, balloons and some odd objects I can’t identify) onto video footage. This suits the band’s rather plaintive track though whether or not such a location can inspire four minutes' entertainment will be seen when the piece is properly put together. It depends on the computer effects and a greater sense of menace, perhaps, than is evident in this storyboard (remember) draft.

Zoo by Anthony Catania is, ha ha, a genuine storyboard showing what happens to the inhabitants 24 hours after the human keepers and race mysteriously die. Drawings of anguished animals abound, all expertly executed in sketch form though with some coloured in to show the end result. Anthony has concentrated on the drawings and I have no idea if his animation is up to it, though his entry is entirely within the spirit and stage of the competition. Watching animals starve to death is beyond even the anguish evoked in the band’s songs and it’s good to note the electricity failure triggers an escape route for the troop of animals who forget rivalries and head for the exit.
Wish Away the Nightmare (Jigsaw) by Henning Koczy is a slickly animated piece depicting the flight from what I presume is either an abuser father or husband by a young girl who attempts to flee the dangers of pole dancing and alcohol. There's genuine quality to spare here and quite amazingly so given the tight time frame. The music is up tempo for Radiohead and suits a chase scene well. Drawing like this and animation skills to boot make me want to see more. Not all the scenes are finished so I guess this is still storyboard.
The jury will retire to consider tomorrow's verdict. I'm a little sad that none of the videos I featured here a time back got into the top ten, albeit I only dipped my toes into a very few of the first entries. Judging by my mailbox AniBoom are putting a lot of energy into the competition and 900 entries is a fair return.


Liam said...

I too am somewhat disheartened by the apparent sway of the jury towards more polished clips rather than (what I had assumed was the thrust of the competition) storyboards and ideas. I'm impressed that so many bothered but less so if their input went no further than re-editing something from their back catalogue - in fact, I believe one of the terms and conditions stated that all work must be original so I'm not certain what that means for those currently being fingered suspiciously.

Karen and I submitted a little scrappy animatic (see here) so this unease at the current goings-on may be born of nothing but jealously, I don't know. I just hope such a positive creative project doesn't leave a sour aftertaste.

mintyfreshbeats said...

Wow, great videos!

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Patrick said...

Dany Saadia does not even refer to himself as an animator, why do YOU?

The footage from "3:19" was animated by Rune Productions, Saadia was the director. The animated film was based on a live action short he directed called "Genesis 3:19".

He submitted less than a minute (8 shots) of pre-existing, commercially released footage, which he did not animate, to an open submission, ORIGINAL animation contest.

How could you notice any of the controversy about the other semifinalists and miss that?

free-footage said...

Everyone puts alot of energy in their work and in the end only one wins the contest, the rest of creative work is for nothing, that leave a sour aftertaste.