Monday, 12 May 2008

Delphine Hermans "L'enveloppe jaune" (The yellow envelope)

L'enveloppe jaune (The yellow envelope/ 2007) by Belgian director, Delphine Hermans, is an innocent, endearing tale of lonely Anna who receives the yellow envelope of the title containing a brochure for an inflatable man. Perhaps this is the answer to her dreams. The next morning she answers the door to the postman delivering the requisite package. But life with an inflated man is much over-rated and Anna sets off on her travels into the real world where she encounters a real man or two and an inflatable woman. Counterpointing any pathos in the tale is the girl's faithful pooch who emulates in his doggy way what his mistress does, paddles after her and howls when she takes her new acquisition into the bedroom. The drawing is very pleasing in a rather quirky fashion with a series of different angles and perspectives, strong colour, and a nice line in blushes that reveals Anna's emotions. There's also a surprising, satisfying ending I should have seen coming but didn't. The sound effects and the original music by Garrett List add something to the matter of fact way in which odd behaviour appears as if normal. An interesting comparison might be made with Alison Snowden's Second Class Mail.

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