Sunday, 4 May 2008

Gary Rydstrom "Lifted"

I have to say straight away that I am no fan of green aliens in flying saucers. Gary Rydstrom's short, Lifted, made in 2006, converts me however. I've seen the sort of thing before, somewhere, it escapes me... space craft approaches sleeping boy in lonely farm and beams the horizontal figure up on a beam of light into a gleaming Tardis of the galaxy. The visuals are impressive as for the first minute light defies gravity and our boy is up and away to the stars. Then there's a hitch. Two tree frog green aliens, of the same colour but different build, mess up big time. Ever tried to control one of those grab machines at the fairground and direct that spectacular bunch of nothing into the claws and the shute? You probably had more success than our friendly alien confronted by a daunting array of shiny and utterly identical controls. His sleeping target remains asleep despite the best efforts of the controller to disturb him. The movie was short-listed for an Academy Award in 2007 and was Gary's first attempt at directing - he's normally content with securing Oscars for his sound editing and has seven to his credit. Lifted is available in compilation form for a ridiculously small sum - Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1. There are two belly laughs in the movie and it sustains interest troughout its five minutes or so. Marco Milone, as has occurred several times, got to the movie I was going to present from Pixar though this one has the bigger laughs.

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