Wednesday, 21 May 2008

"Indigen" Nicolas Chevallier, Laurent Sauvage, Alexandre Theil, Julien Vanhoenacker

For Tom and Jerry, or Road Runner, read more gory (as in much more) 3D Supinfocom extravaganza in which a squirrel and local boy have a little tussle involving hand grenades, rocket launchers, satellite controlled missiles and finally, the big daddy of them all, the nuke bomb. And if my treatment sounds a little cavalier just watch this product of the over fertile minds of four former students of the renowned Supinfocom CCI Valenciennes. Yesterday's movie extolled the virtues of the hand directed paintbrush, today's Indigen is pure computer. In the hands of this quartet (Nicolas Chevallier, Laurent Sauvage, Alexandre Theil, Julien Vanhoenacker) the digital graphics are lethal. Once you get used to the violent splurge of course it's all good wholesome fun as hands and skulls are blown up and ripped apart, miraculously coming together for the next frantic moment. One's attention is gripped by the two howling in terror or malevolence for the full five minutes. With a loud soundtrack made up of loud music (Frank Zappa for one) the whole thing goes with a bang. A great movie full of wit and verve. The link is to YouTube but you can download the movie from the team's website although I found it a bit slow and almost gave up, the exact reverse of my feelings towards this entertaining film. The high definition download is worth the wait however.

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