Friday, 23 May 2008

Simon Rouby "Le Présage" (The Omen)

A man leaves his hand-made dwelling in a wilderness and treks out in search of food. Resting a while he sees a mysterious figure. A time shift occurs and he is transported into the urban world with all its rush and noise. An omen of the future? He returns to his home. The story is sparse but Le Présage (the Omen) is an unusual and artistically creative piece. Simon Rouby made his graduation movie on an exchange between two of the great training institutions of the world for animation, Gobelins, L'ecole de l'image and the California Institute of the Arts. I am going to feature some other Gobelins work in the next week or so and that school of excellence is noted for its awesome computer generated work. Simon uses computers all right but his film is rooted in his traditional skill as an artist. The character is roughly sketched with the swirls and strokes having an attractive starkness in its loosely rendered state. The texture of the skin and the background is given a watercolour effect that in the sunset or the brightness of the desert has a dramatic beauty about it. The contrast of wilderness and city is well made. From the oasis of the college environment these young men and woman have to venture out into the harsh commercial world. Nothing whatsoever to do with the animation, just me musing,. Not that someone so obviously talented as Simon should experience too many problems making the transition. Visit his blog, Direct420 and admire and enjoy the work of this startlingly talented artist and animator, or watch the short video, the making of the movie.

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