Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tobias Stretch "Illuminant"

Two of the outcomes of my venturing into the AniBoom-Radiohead competition were several emails and some most interesting work. Tobias Stretch entered the competition unsuccessfully though his Radiohead animation looks pretty impressive to me: I should have enjoyed his stop motion piece very much if the revolving fish and drawings are anything to go by. (Mad Max comes to mind with the fish for absolutely no reason that I can discern other than a certain madness and deliberate incongruity - though the rest of the snazzily drawn storyboard with Octopus Man, Gliderman and Tree Giant is something out of Lewis Caroll or Mervyn Peake .) Anyhow, it's a tad more imaginative than most of the entries and could have been very special. I was taken to task by one commentator on the blog who pointed out that the track record of the storyboarders could have been checked out by AniBoom researchers to ensure the credentials were correct. So here I turn to a completed work by Tobias - Illuminant. To a moody track from Danish band Efterklang, we are first treated to a glorious display of illuminant light from which emerges a transparent head, swiftly followed by a more recognisably wintry landscape over which a two headed figure in a wheelchair careers along before overturning. The two old men (man) are or is redeemed or saved by the appearance of a newly born or nearly born baby who appears to reinvigorate them/him for re-entry to the world of blinding light. That's it as far as explanation of meaning goes but there is something fascinating in the work. The images are spectacular: the gargoyle like heads leering from the light, the baby peering at us as from the womb, spectacular time lapse photography of dusk and the disquieting old men out of control or still as death as the vehicle is overturned. Don't seek for meaning but enjoy a splendid visual and aural feast. Radiohead, look what you missed. Tobias' website is a bit of a treasure trove, by the way, multi-talented.

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