Thursday, 5 June 2008

"Aquamania" Woolie Reitherman (for Walt Disney)

Aquamania is described on Wikipedia as “the last cartoon from Disney's Golden Era which featured Goofy as solo star.” It has a documentary style at the beginning and Mr X (Goofy) explains he has willpower and can resist the lure of purchasing a new boat. However man, we are informed, is 2/3 water and has water on the brain. The music (literally in this case) brings Goofy back to the store and his new acquisition. A car crash later and a promise to teach his son about nautical knots and water skiing leads to a skiing race of madcap proportions as he picks up an octopus as passenger and negotiates various obstacles with remarkable ineptitude. At the finishing line photographers flash away and well-wishers shake his many hands – remember the octopus. The 1961 movie is not earth shatteringly innovative though good wholesome fun and entirely suitable for my growing family. German born veteran animator and director of many Disney classics Wolfgang (Woolie) Reitherman directed.

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