Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bryan Fordney "Bee Bog" & "Getgot^

Bee Bog defeats me for meaning though it's to do with birth I think. No problem really because the world of Bryan Fordney is absorbing as his lead character stomps or rolls through fields with gusto and super powers. Bryan's original creation with a square, crowned head is intent on catching the little fellow. who seems baby-like sufficient for me to venture an explanation about birth. He even stretches an endless finger through an earth tunnel in an attempt to ask the question: "Who are you?" Don't expect to find out, that's not the point. There may be more of a plot to the black and white Getgot. Here it is. Cute fellow attempts to wind up the mechanism on his water piano to little effect. He needs to reach the coast fast, as do we all. Enter our guy with the crowned head who intimates he's using old fashioned technology. Cue a fairly new fashioned winder and some exploits in the water before our cute guy finds himself in a drinks machine. Confused? I bet you can't wait to see what happens when he pulls the "Getgot Cola" tin on the underground train. No worries, our hero is here to rescue him. I think. Anyway, despite their differences they walk off together as friends. Bryan's world is all consuming: weird certainly but cleverly drawn, expertly animated and as original as you get. Like me you'll be captivated. And the techno music's great in both videos.

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