Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Creative Similarities Between Disney's 'The Lion King' and Tezuka's 'Jungle Taitei' (Kimba the White Lion)

I am particularly busy at the moment, paid work getting in the way of blogging it. Therefore this is what I was watching last night on YouTube. MissIchigo is attempting to demonstrate the debt Disney's Lion King owes to Osamu Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion (1966). By superimposing footage from both movies she makes her point well and it is intriguing - what YouTubers should be doing! Today's truncated post but really a debt, that I freely disclose, to an intelligent and perceptive YouTuber: Daft Lions then and yesterday's further clip developing one point in some detail, Kimba Hidden Within The Lion King.


Katherine Mann said...

Hi there, my name is Katherine Mann and I am the one that made "Daft Lions" and "Kimba Hidden Within The Lion King". Thanks for mentioning this on your blog, I find the entire Disney/Japanese animation debate very interesting.

(The website that I am linking to under my name is where I work, though at the time of this post the site is under construction...)

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