Sunday, 22 June 2008

Theodore Ushev "Ottawa"

Theodore Ushev is in the top rank of animators in the world. His commercial for Ottawa 2004 (Ottawa) has just been released on YouTube by his Canadian company, Duck Studios. In a 1950s style of brashly alliterative prose and a rosy cheeked Bisto family we are introduced to Ani, the housewife with a range of heart enhancing help for the habitual hanimators. Or something like that. In fact the ad breaks down into three products: Animators' Dinner to sustain animators, Hand-O-Matic fingers to do the work for you, and most dynamic of all of this gushing housewife's products, the Instant Animators in a pouch: "one drop of water and these freeze dry funstars fly into a frenzy of ..." - you get the idea. It's fast, frenetic fun for families, deliciously in the spirit and I want to buy their products; and their scriptwriter.

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