Monday, 9 June 2008

Eva de Winkel "Grafiet"

Grafiet (or in translation "Graphite") is a four minute animation by Eva de Winkel from Holland's Willem de Kooning Academy. Artfully sketched and animated the graduation film has a young student drawing in her sketchbook an abstract pattern of white and black which first of all takes over her book then the girl herself. The transition from pastel coloured girl lying in the sun as her creation begins to unravel and the monochrome figure who is transported into a world in which the two opposites compete for superiority is well made. The girl appears on an ice-flow that is breaking up as the tensions create disharmony and violence. When the girl hits on the idea of applying a little care and attention, compromise even, the two opposites co-exist. As a student I was encouraged to use my finger to blend pencil and charcoal, to shade, to avoid stark lines. Eva's girl accomplishes this feat and in turn her creator makes a point about harmony in life. An intelligent concept and a well executed piece of work.

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