Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Favelados 'Arts Institute at Bournemouth'

I watch a lot of animations from different countries and often in this international blog I feel proud of my own nation’s work. The Arts Institute Bournemouth is one of the premier centres of excellence in the UK for animation. Even for them, Favelados is a short movie to be proud of. It is set in the slums of Brazil in which young Emmanuel polishes shoes to earn a living for him and his sickly sister, Ria. He strains to conceive an idea to save her life though miracles come thin on the ground in the Favelas area of Rio de Janeiro, even under the gaze of the giant 'Cristo Redentor' atop Corcovado mountain. The animation and especially the artwork here is of the highest order, the detail of which is evident from the images posted here and available from the team's website. The creators, Laurent Rossi and Victoria Davies, quite wonderfully communicate the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets and convey the young boy's spirit as he tears through the city streets. The use of symbol and the tugging of the emotional heartstrings is conventional enough but work well in this accomplished animation. The ending though was a brave one. Decidedly not Hollywood. Ben Nichols' soundtrack is also magnificent and provides that big movie feel that is equaled by, to repeat myself, the superbly rendered backdrop of muted colours.

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"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Ian,
Thank you so much for your wonderful write up on our film. It really mans so much to know how much our work is appreciated. Your compliment to our work is a real credit to us and we hope you will continue to follow our future productions.
We now have an online "Favelados" blog if you are interested in seeing backstage the film including an original line test version of the film with the original musical score and unseen pre-production artwork.

Also, if you are interested you can also follow my blog. I try to keep it updated as often as possible with new and creative animated ideas etc.

Thanks again for your time and supporting our film,
All the best and kindest regards,