Monday, 23 June 2008

Get with the Times!

An interesting competition has just come my way via Meredith Lupolt of Read his press release:, the world’s first online animation community to provide HD animation, is now streaming your crisp, clear, and ground-breakingly beautiful HD animation throughout the world. We’ve teamed with Adobe to bring you Get with the Times! – our latest HD animation contest that takes your animation to the center of the Big Apple! The Grand Prize? Win an all expenses paid trip to New York City to see YOUR animation in Times Square! In addition to the fabulous trip to NYC, MyToons is sharing iPod Nanos and Adobe's CS3! Winners will be selected starting Friday, June 13, so be sure to check out to upload your work and cast your vote for your chance to win! The last weekly winner will be announced September 5th, 2008.
I've a quick look - busy doing paid work at the moment - and it looks exciting. I'll take a look at the entries later in the week including this week's winner, Cats on a Plane. Launched in spring of 2007, the site has a fairly terrific interface for the competition and amazing quality of animation. As Adobe has treated me to lunch on a number of occasions (great crowd) I'd also better push the "sponsor".

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Blue said...

Hey - Thanks for the shout out!

So glad to hear that you are enjoying the site - please feel free to contact any of us with any questions, etc.!

Thanks again =)