Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Joakim Ojanen "Broken Spirit"

For hours I used to pore over detailed lithographs of city scenes at my local museum, taking in the minutely observed detail and superimposing a mental image of how things had changed. Swedish animator Joakim Ojanen has imbued his short piece Broken Spirit with that density of construction. His images of a future city devoid of human life but with seemingly endless machines fetching and carrying seems the sort of futuristic vision I suppose is nightmare but strangely appeals. Strange machines float above the towering buildings, strange towers broadcast who knows what and a strange factory disgorges boxes from a conveyor belt and thence to a strange hole in the ground. And one of the inhabitants of this visionary city is revealed as a box-like robot cheerfully cycling on his way to who knows what home. Scrupulously drawn and absorbing, nightmare this is not. Joakim's website has further examples of his work including various music videos and a colourful sequence for MTV together with a video of him creating his city at an exhibition at Galleri Ether-gram in Stockholm in March 2007. You can also download a high resolution version of Broken Spirit.

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