Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Joel Trussell "War Photographer" & "Paris is On" (Jason Forest)

A Viking galley full of fierce warriors gets sidetracked by the need to stage a gig. These guys should be raping and pillaging like all self-respecting Vikings; instead the fog machines, speakers and suchlike are mustered and the battle never happens. Named as video of the year in 2006 on a number of sites, Joel Trussell’s War Photographer for Jason Forrest is one I had promised to write about next day weeks and weeks ago. The movie has been downloaded, I’m informed, some 500,000 times so it’s hardly crucial that this review is two years late. For those odd few who have missed out first time you are in for a treat. Joel's mastery of colour, his bizarre creations and sheer sense of timing are conspicuous - as they are in another animation for the same artist, Paris is On. I confess I did not know of Jason's work prior to this and I'm sold on it. Excellent and very varied. Follow the links on his site to higher resolution versions. Back to the video. This time a biker is tired after travelling all day and into the night. Dripping with sweat, the welcoming motel sign looks welcoming, apart from the No Vacancies sign that is. The swimming pool is far too attractive for a hot biker however, though the big proprietor has other ideas. Time for a bit of slashing like in that other motel movie? Is our guy up to replicating Norman Bates and outdoing the Vikings? Joel is a class act when it comes to enigmatic, almost hypnotic, flash creations. Distinctive and exciting, there's just about no-one better around. He's a bit of a softie though!

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