Sunday, 8 June 2008

Katy Davis "Gone Fishing"

It helps when I like the music of the animated music video I'm writing about and I most definitely do in this case. Gone Fishing was made in 2006 for Second Person by Katy Davis who was a contributor to the band's latest video, Wood, that I featured last week. It features the same girl though the animation is less sophisticated; funnily enough, it does not at all suffer in comparison to the larger budget version. The girl releases a fish into the sea from a cardboard box and then looks rather sad on the quayside until she leaps into the water in search of those other fish in the sea. Catching her fish is accomplished by the novel idea of pulling the plug. Her rather glorious catch, much more of a catch than her previous .. er fish , is then released into a large bowl whereupon our girl leaps in to join him. I bet it's a him. Katy's girl isn't a cut-out but could have been. Set against a pastel backdrop of gentle rose and blue, there is a delicate charm about the video, the girl mouthing the words of the music, everything in keeping with the rather lovely vocals and a nice twist as the girl disrobes. Katy is a 2005 graduate of the distinquished Norwich School of Art and Design and her fishing video has been used in an advert for a favourite tipple, Cobra Beer. I was charmed by the video. More of Katy's animations are viewable on her website and I will be revisiting shortly for more recent work. More of Second Person at Rozalia Zelma 3 and 4 at the weekend by the way.

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