Sunday, 1 June 2008

Mark Maclaine & Everton Sebben "Wood" (Second Person)

Second Person's newly released second album The Elements features a cute animation for Wood. In time honoured fashion for music videos the central character takes a walk across a fantasy landscape. It commences with a galleon submerging under the sea, its masthead, an open mouthed dragon, sinking last to reveal a white girl asleep on the shore. She walks in moonlight, through stone creatures of myth, climbs over castellated fortresses, tumbles down mountains, wanders in the dark surrounded by beasties, floats in space, and always is trailed by a dragon who may be benevolent but she, like me, will not stop to look. Mid-journey she picks up a monkey as companion and is that a winged Gollum character stalking the pair? Nicely computer created graphics with perhaps a hint of cut-outs for the fabulous opening sequence with the dragon ship. Directed by Mark Maclaine, animated and edited by Everton Sebben, art direction by Andrew Marshall, with artwork by Andrew Marshall, Katy Davis, Ben King (who did the dragon) and Everton Sebben. It has as its roots an earlier video for the band, Gone Fishing, by Katy whose work I intend to feature later in the week. A word too about the five songs on the album: each is inspired by one of the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The animation thus forms the first part of an intended five animation series. Julia Johnson's voice is an absolute delight. You can view a higher resolution version of the video on the band's website and, following the links, purchase an even higher resolution version for your iPod for £1. Register with them, and as I did, download three mp3 tracks for free - no obligations at all.

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