Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nick Uff "Serenade In The Night" (James Ensor)

Serenade In The Night is one of those songs from a bygone era that has with it all the romance of a winter's Sunday afternoon black and white movie and beautiful actresses with rich lipstick. It is also incredibly romantic. If you ignore the fact that many of the characters are either skeletons or clowns you'll find Nick Uff's animation exactly the same. Yesterday's comments about Nick apply to this movie too. Commencing with a violinist serenading underneath a window the movie progresses in irrepressible fashion and it's absolutely wonderful how the whole things moves along, effortlessly with the sort of details you want to replay. Richer in colour than yesterday's music videos, the degree of detail is breath-taking. You'll love the romantic swirl of the dancers in a variety of exotic locations and if you understand the plot that's a bonus. However it is about the life of the Belgian artist, James Ensor, amongst whose subjects were carnivals, masks and puppets, often grotesque and having a theatrical flavour. Little extra to say on the painter though I can tell you that the music and lyrics are by Cesare Bixio, Bixio Cherubini and Jimmy Kennedy. I'm afraid don't know the singer. Great combination of music and animation. The lyrics are as follows: "Serenade in the night/ ‘Neath a fair lady’s window, /Just the same serenade/That I tenderly played/On a night long ago./There were stars in the sky/And I sang ‘neath the roses, /But she gave not a sigh /That she’d ever be mine/And my love story closes./Oh! why must the south wind be brining it?/Oh! why must my heart keep on singing it?/Serenade in the night/From the past comes to haunt me,/When I hear that refrain,/Oh! my heart aches again/For the lost love of mine."

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