Monday, 16 June 2008

Steve Smith, Layla Atkinson and Siri Melchior "Maybe I'm a Winner" Grand Drive

I missed this first time round in 2004. More fool me. "Maybe I'm a winner" is a perfect music video for Grand Drive. Steve Smith, Layla Atkinson and Siri Melchior, collectively Trunk, are stars and win the money. With greyhound tracks facing oblivion here in the UK this is a staged event to re-whet one's appetite. The animating team take the process of an evening's meet with the crowds gathering for the Grand Drive Cup, placing their bets, traps opening all over the place, the mechanical hare and dogs revved up and ready for the off. The set and prop design is extraordinary and the stop motion animation exhilarating. The figures look for all the world like little tin men. The novel concept of everything being mechanical works to perfection with the humans and dogs all on stands, all moving arms and legs in synchronised manner. I really had no idea they did Mexican waves at dog tracks! When the lights die down in the arena, the lone hare racing around an empty stadium creates a delightful spectacle. I've written recently on Trunk and Grand Drive. I think I prefer this one to Firefly. Well maybe. The singer's voice and the style of music remind me of Neil Young - no higher praise by the way. I get contacted more by music companies and fans than for any other form of animation I feature here. When I hear a band as good as this and an animation so fit for purpose I can see why. I've got another animator who works on music videos for later in the week and he's pretty damn good too.

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