Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tobias Stretch "Transmutation" Radiohead/Aniboom

Unbeknown to me my new found friend, well by email, Tobias Stretch, has been launched into the semi-finals of the Aniboom Radiohead contest, just after I had bemoaned the fact that Transmutation had failed to make the top ten. Rethink by the site and three "golden tickets" were introduced. And lo and behold Tobias is there. In his own words: "I shot this film by myself from 5/25 to 6/2, after a month of puppet building and a month of storyboards. Animation into the transcendent beauty of nature, this film is about our complex relationship with nature and each other which I believe is consistent with Radiohead's vision." Tobias replied to a post I made at the time and to say he was gracious in defeat is the least of it. Thus I am doubly glad he's in. Now to the video. It's in a partial condition but just revel in the light, airy and eccentric beauty of it all and ask yourself if you want to see the complete thing. Because it is made with the track in mind, Radiohead's music and voice soars into the heavens and with it the distinctive world of Tobias Stretch. We have a hang glider piloted by Glider Man and a cast of glittering characters. I wondered as I wrote my first post on his work about the plausibility of transforming the beautifully sketched characters of his storyboard into working models. Needless fears. A golden faced woman in white holds aloft a bird, wings outstretched, and Glider Man swoops into the camera's lens. Magical. I have not seen work like this and I do so hope Radiohead want to see their music fly. Like I have just done, Vote Here.

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