Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tom Kyzivat "Helium"& "Prey"

Nothing particularly cerebral about the two shorts I've posted today but then it's been a hard day. Some light relief then. 28 year old Tom Kyzivat made both these simple hand drawn cartoons in 2005. They may well remind you of Don Hertzfeld without the cruelty, though there's just sufficient thuggery to keep the kettle boiling. The violent one first - Prey. Three monsters see a poor little child cowering well away from shelter. Tasty morsel. So they fight amongst themselves for the privilege of the kill. Winner takes all. Wolf in child's clothing. Helium has two little fellows squabbling over a balloon. There's the Hertzfeld connection again. Sharp pointed implement and balloons don't mix. A 2004 graduate of Northern Illinois University and resident of Dixon in the same state, Tom is a freelance artist and cinema projectionist so gets to see all those wonderful movies for free. A bit like visitors to this site. Not cerebral, by the way, does not signify lack of talent. The timing of the two films is exactly right, the sounds are spot on (f/x and musical soundtracks) and they made me smile throughout. Tom's website has links to his portfolio though no major recent movies I note. He's got talent as artist and animator aplenty and I've included one of his recent art creations because, well, I like it.

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