Sunday, 13 July 2008

Alex Budovsky "Terminally Ambivalent Over You" (The Real) Tuesday Weld (Stephen Coates)

Alex Budovsky’s animation of the Stephen’s Coates song, Terminally Ambivalent Over You, is a witty piece as the convict works the assembly line manufacturing gramophone records whilst endlessly pondering the possibilities of his relationship amidst the bullying and hardships of the prison regime. Synchronising voice and actions, the generally silhouetted artwork and spare use of colour are stylish. I particularly enjoyed the combination of band playing that dovetails into the prison routine. Alex made it in 2002 and in a sense it marked the start of Alex's commercial ventures that has featured an episode for Sesame Street, a Greenpeace ad and in 2007 a new animation for (The Real) Tuesday Weld, (or Stephen, they are one and the same) "Last Time in Clerkenwell". (The monochrome video is just as inventive and funny as this though, sadly, is now removed from YouTube.) Alex is a genuine talent producing distinctive work of quality. Born in St Petersburg in 1975, he moved to New York in 1994 graduating from Brooklyn College in 2000. A word about Stephen Coates whose site has nine excellent downloads in mp3 form to showcase quite a musical talent. He has collaborated with Alex on a number of projects, about which I shall doubtless write later in the week. There is a copy of the Terminally Ambivalent video on YouTube.

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