Saturday, 12 July 2008

Burma Emergency: Andre Stringer & Patrick Chappatte

Burma Emergency is a professionally produced 3D animation. High technology warplanes take off with their deadly load and journey to the skies over Burma, releasing their toxic payload of ..... flowers. Toxic to the tyrants, one hopes. Made by the Emmy award winning Shilo Design, directed by Andre Stringer and featuring many talents in the production team this is a dynamic piece of work to match the needs of a beautiful country under the rule of men who seem not to care about the suffering of their own people. The impressively animated short may be downloaded in high resolution from the website. But please check out the following links:

In a different form is Burma Disaster, a simply animated traditional editorial cartoon by Patrick Chappatte or, as we know him for his cartoons, Chappatte, is famous for his contributions towards Newsweek and the New York Times. His website is a free source for teachers and I use his inspired work a lot. But remember the Burma appeals.

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