Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Chanya Hetayothin "Aqualibrae"

26 year old Chanya Hetayothin uses soft pastel on paper for Aqualibrae (2006) a short but sensitively drawn story of the ebbs and flows of life. Simple life forms evolve into more complex creatures and are harvested by man in the cycle of life. Whether on a black or white canvas the artwork is of the highest order. Chanya has been fortunate in securing the services of a very professional Phiboon Phihakendr whose musical score and sound effects delicately and dramatically underpin the action superbly. A third year student in Los Angeles at UCLA's Animation Workshop, Chanya worked on 3D animation for the studio Imagine Design in Thailand. The movie I feature today is in a rather spare style though the line drawings are bold and have a textured shading. I delight in seeing work of this artistic integrity. Her latest work, still to be completed, On The Bus, is in a different style altogether as is evident from the screenshot. Chanya has an informative blog and rather slick website with some spectacular design and paintings from which, almost at random, I have selected the example below. She certainly has an eye for colour to add to her other extravagant talents.

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