Friday, 4 July 2008

Daiki Aizawa "Loop Pool"

Don't be fooled by the seemingly idyllic forest pool and tranquil electronic music accompanying Loop Pool, Daiki Aizawa's 2004 short. The animation commences with a close-up of a bright bird gracefully flying above the forest canopy. In the pool below life continues its equally graceful cycle as a butterfly flutters above the water, a leaf falls softly, a frog waits and a spider weaves its gossamer web. Disturbing the undoubted beauty of this oasis is the need to eat. Frogs need insects, fish need amphibians and birds need fish. Only man's needs seem out of rhythm. Daiki's work is one of a number of mixed media films on an eclectic collection of contemporary film-makers, Onedotzero Select DVD 4.

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