Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Graphiti School of Animation

Presenting for Adobe earlier in the year at an IT show I was struck by the impact Indian companies are making on the UK and indeed international market. So far their impact on the international world of animation has not been so great. Therefore I was interested when Dippesh Jain contacted me about two YouTube examples of his students' projects that form part of the assessment of the one year course in Graphiti School of Animation in Mumbai - the second most populous city in the world. Both the short pieces are light-hearted. Off the lot concerns a foul mouthed director's attempt to persuade a would-be actor to near kill himself on set whilst Kidnapping Myself, though not in English, features two guys on the make and a blind beggar who has a rather stylish rocket propelled flying machine. Quite a number of students cooperated on the projects which whilst being technically accomplished, needed a stronger and more original storyline. That said, the course gives the students a very thorough grounding in 3D animation and the best of the students obtain employment in the Graphiti studio where, if one looks at the Commercials - try Aztech or the longer and very impressive Cash with a very fine example of Indi-Pop as soundtrack - one can see the standard. It is certain that animators from India will progress to the major awards on the festival circuit. Of course, readers can certainly contact me with examples of movies that have already done this.

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