Monday, 28 July 2008

John Godwin & Stephen Payne "A Tale of Rock"

I'm a little late in posting this - discovered when sorting out my files. A bad mistake but if you haven't seen A Tale of Rock yet, it's a treat. Wizened old stager and a dinosaur of rock battle it out in a fabulous guitar in mouth duel to the death. Who will emerge triumphant in a loud, shuddering 3D duet of rock. The smallest Tyrannosaurus Rex you will ever see is a charming fellow, quite disconcerted to roll into the lair for his audition and be confronted by the guy with the green hair, skeletal figure and iron tan. The movie is funny, acts as a contrast to tomorrow's pop video, and is a great advertisement for the University of Hertfordshire where John Goodwin and Steve Payne learned their trade. John is the concept artist, (see image below) whilst the animation is primarily Stephen's province. The movie was their graduation film completed in June 2007. Ollie Balman played the riffs on his Fender (well, it might be) and Josh Jameson produced the score for the movie. I'd better do my bit for the UK music industry (all those illegal downloads) and link to Ollie's band, London's Total Movement: a great sound and not so hard rock as in the animation.

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Martin Bowman said...

Thanks for the nice review of the film, I'm one of the lecturers on the course at the University of Hertfordshire and it was really wonderful to see this film evolve into the exciting story that it became. You can download a higher quality file from and also read the production diary if you are interested in how it was made.

Thanks for such a great blog, I try to check it every few days.