Sunday, 3 August 2008

Katarina Paulsson "Fish Band" - Syket

One would expect fish to know their scales and, Fish Band, Katarina Paulsson's stop motion, official music video for Swedish Indie band, Syket, is a fine advertisement for an outfit with a markedly smooth sound. I've known a few band members who drink like fish; this lot, albeit in animated form, are fish. I said a day or so ago that the success of stop motion is often in the design and manufacture of the set and models. Here Katarina has made some glistening, metallic fish and a miniature stage with instruments. Gleaming like stage jewellery, the iridescent creatures croon their way through the song. Then to complement a spectacular mix she has lit up the set in vibrant colours; any travelling band of repute would welcome such a lighting rig. My suggestion for readers to email me suggestions means that 23 year old Katarina has sent me the link though I know little about her. The band though come from Umeå and comprise Mikael Stenberg, Oscar Hildingsson, Thomas Brännström, Peter Hellqvist, Filip Sundberg and Ola Lidström. Back to the video. You may have read my recent review of Yasmine Penniman's video for brother Mika. I sort of suggested then that the black wolf might just take a nibble of the Miss Riding Hood. Katarina makes no such mistake (if mistake it was) and her cat takes quite a shine to the shiny fish. The eyes below say it all. A talented girl and one I'm sure we will here more of. And I may just buy the odd track or two for my iPod!

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