Friday, 11 July 2008

Malcolm Sutherland "Tourists"

Tourists (2007) is completely unlike yesterday's featured animation also by Malcolm Sutherland. He certainly possesses the ability to portray the quirks of human nature. Yesterday's comic salvo was limited to bird droppings emanating from the pen. His observations of tourists baking, bubbling, bawling, bathing and basting on the beach are very funny. To the lilting tones of the calypso number, "Out of Fire" by Law Invader, the awful truth is that this is an honest reflection of beach behaviour. People do look uncomfortably like potatoes, children do bawl and bawl and sunbathers court skin cancer. The animation is crowned by a perfect ending that is both witty and appropriate. Malcolm actually came to animation via the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, the first of his series of films being Robot City in 2002 and then a year later, False Saints, for that wonderful patron of the animated arts, National Film Board of Canada. After studying astrophysics Malcolm progressed to study classical printmaking at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He now lives in Montreal. Not many astrophysicists in animation circles, particularly natural cartoonists.

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