Sunday, 20 July 2008

Most watched animations on YouTube: Muto, Hitchhikers Choice & Kiwi

I wondered what the most popular animations featured on YouTube are at present. I make no claim as to the following being the absolute tops for viewing as I simply did not make that search but they are certainly interesting. Made by Blu, the link being to my featured article almost a year ago, Muto is a combined animated wall painting from Buenos Aires and Baden. The music, or rather sound effects, by Andrea Martignoni is synchronised to the comings and goings of a figure whose party piece is to regurgitate little copies of himself and move along walls and pavements that are whitewashed to provide a canvas for him. There's more to it than this and it is quite fascinating to watch. I find myself constantly wondering how much was painted in situ and how much superimposed afterwards. Clever. And since May 9th 2,441,000 or so have watched the video. Remarkable. In the past six months or so Blu has done several international projects including vandalising the facade of the Tate Modern Gallery in London. I saw it two weeks ago and despite my daughter's protestations did not believe it was graffiti. What do I know. Visit the site for Blu and be amazed. I would say not on my front wall but it would probably be worth more than the house. It has taken longer but Hitchhikers Choice, a freehand and rather fluid series of sketches to the techno music of Minilogue, has beaten Blu by amassing 2,842,000 viewers for the Swedish artist and musician Kristofer Ström. Visit his website. I don't know why I have not thought about it before but he created the piece on a whiteboard. All my gems in class are rubbed off and I should have attached a camera all along. Nearly 3 million viewers. Amazing. But not so amazing as my final piece. 26 year old Doni Permedi graduated from New York's School of Visual Arts in 2006 with a MFA in Computer Art. Everything must be downhill or uphill since, depending how one views it but his second year master's thesis created in Maya and After Effects, Kiwi, has gained no less than 18,150,076 viewers since being added two years ago. Impressive or what. It's a cheery tale of the attempts at flight by a Kiwi, a flightless bird. Using a rope, high cliff, tree and a lot of energy, it attempts to launch itself into the blue stuff. Utterly charming and so many cannot, indisputably, be wrong. A bird with passion and commitment deserves to win every award for viewing figures going. Download a high resolution copy of the movie from Doni's website. And, yes, the plucky thing gets to fly. It would, wouldn't it, with this much support.

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I love the Blu stuff, check out some of our work too, we're also in Argentina