Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Piotr Dumała "Little Black Riding Hood"

Although considered one of the brightest of international animators, Piotr Dumała's Little Black Riding Hood (1983) has not received exactly rave reviews from his own countrymen. Judge this rebuke from Soren A. Gauger in the Krakow Post in July last year: "Piotr Dumala's travesty of a fairy tale ("Little Black Riding Hood") is the sort of thing that English-speaking audiences have by now seen done a hundred times, and better." (The article was written to welcome a 3 DVD collection, The Anthology of Polish Animated Films.) The plot is speedily dealt with. Little Riding Hood is kitted up for her journey into the forest, stops to pick some wild flowers, destroys the flowers, is attacked by the wolf and devours the wolf. Well, it's something like that. Given that Piotr has glorious drawing skills as will be shown in another post shortly, the choice of a child's style for the artwork is but one of the comic elements in a tale of mayhem as a succession of killings leads to one of several eventual meetings with the grandmother, the final act of copulation rendering it unsuitable for children. Meaning eludes me other than a fairly dark view of life within a jungle. But I'm not so uncharitable as the columnist and I found it fun. I shall write more on his work shortly, providing biographical detail. Now in animated form the short is fun, in screenshot mode it is not, therefore the image below is not that of Piotr but taken from the blog of Italian mathematics student and digital painter, Francesca Resta, whose work is very impressive, has a little more colour and the same title. Postcript: I received the following from Francesca: "I'm sorry my blog is in Italian only, so you couldn't understand this easily, but it was a team-work done for a team contest on, so I'm not the only author of this painting.Would you please add the credits to my dear friends Katerina Konstantinoudi and Meghann Beardsley, who painted this with me?"

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