Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ricky Gervais: The Real Disaster in Burma’

Directed by Ogilvy Advertising, created by my friends at Trunk Animation and narrated by Ricky Gervais, The Real Disaster in Burma pulls no punches in its message: "The real disaster in Burma is the government". Khin Mar is a very lucky girl who survives Cyclone Nargis, receives Western medical aid and goes on to rebuild her shattered community. Sadly not. The simply drawn animation makes its point with a murderous army boot. Follow the link, visit the site, make a donation and send the following message to the permanent members of the UN Security Council:
"To the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council,
The Burmese people have suffered under a brutal military for decades. The time has come for the UN to take decisive action.
Please do everything you can to bring freedom, democracy and human rights to Burma's 50 million people.
The UN must impose an arms embargo on the regime - so the regime can't continue to shoot, attack and rape the Burmese people.
The UN must send Ban-Ki Moon to Burma immediately and press for real political change - including the release of the 1,920 political prisoners."