Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Robert Kuczera "Dragon Slayer"

Robert Kuczera’s Dragon Slayer (2004) takes the traditional fantasy genre, adds the comic itches and aches of the professional dragon slayer riding the deserts in search of the next monster to slay, and adds a heart. In full glorious 3D Robert’s skill as a creator of characters is use to perfection as after tracking one of the beasts to a closed valley, his character engages the dragon in mortal combat and then discovers that the now deceased creature has offspring. Has this hardened defender of the land (against the terrifying belchers of flame) the strength of character to dispatch the cute young thing who clearly sees his mother’s persecutor as a father figure? Robert has a delightful comic touch and the movie, at least at the start, does remind one of those old spaghetti westerns, as our lonesome hero rides into the horizon passing the adoring young blacksmith’s son. One thing also that good cowboys of old used to possess and that is a good horse. This one has a mind very much of its own. Made over two years at the Filmakademie Baden-Wьrttemberg in Ludwigsburg, the screenplay is by Philipp Koblmiller, the producer Frank Siegmund and music by Julian Pesek. The opening and closing sepia drawings by Gunther Grossholz and Michael Sieber add to the classy mix. The software used was Maya, Photoshop, Combustion, Premiere, Avid and ProTools. For a full credits list go to the crew's website. Robert is an awesome character animator as a trip to his website will testify. Last word on the movie though - it's nice to see the fantasy genre not taking itself too seriously.

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