Friday, 1 August 2008

Steve Smith "Leap of Faith"

Leap of Faith (2005) is decidedly not the animation I had intended to post by Trunk Animation's Steve Smith but I have had it drawn to my attention and, short though it is, I'm sure browsers will find it fun. To a delicious piano soundtrack a piece of cheese, deprived of a cocktail stick, is perched on a girder on top of a tower block over a nausea-inducing city below. Plucking up his courage the orange box man leaps into the night sky and his rope unfurls above him. We follow him down. The piece is class from outset, as the orange credits drop to the stage, through the build-up as we glide in through the futuristic city scene and towards the orange figure. Only the orange breaks the black and white of the rest of the animation. I've written before about Trunk Animation and I still have two Annecy pieces by them still to write about in a rapidly expanding in-tray. Credits where they are due: Julian Wilson is responsible for, to repeat myself, the lovely and atmospheric music that does much to raise this above the norm for a one minute short and it was produced by Trunk's own Siri Melchior. It was made for MTV Load and was Steve's first entry into 3D. (Source: BBC Film Network) Bungee jumping is not, not not, for me.

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