Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Yasmine Penniman "Lollipop" - Mika

Google the name Yasmine Penniman and you'll get the phrase "sister Yasmine, who works as an artist under the nom de plume Dawack, painted the cartoon art for his album ..." The internet is like that: copy and paste and as it's in Wikipedia anyway it must be true. So in introducing the official video of Lollipop for Mika I'm not entirely sure of the authenticity of the animator. I leave the music to the music blogs but I must say that the singer has a voice and range quality akin to Freddie Mercury so he's no slouch. Yasmine has used every colour in the palette in this psychedelic experience. Imagine walking into a set painted for My Little Pony, Sindy, Barbie and all the other tasteless commercially led extravaganzas that little girls purportedly like. Well somewhere over the rainbow a little blonde haired girl in a pink dress does just that and the result is, and I can't believe I'm going to say this - fabulous. The video, surprise surprise, is assisted in no small part by the catchy nature of the song which I'm sure I could live without though it's lodged in my head. Whatever, our girl meets an absolute host of characters on her journey, and everything is just ticketyboo. Just maybe, for variety's sake, the black wolf who follows her every move might just attempt to remove her sweet head from her slim shoulders or at least steal a few of the countless lollipops that pop up all over the place. And it never rains despite all the rainbows. Little girls could also learn to read using the pop-up words that are illuminated in bright flurescent colours. Nicely animated despite a note of amusement in my review, but certainly not derision, the video suiting the song. No brotherly patronage here either, it's full of content, simply fizzing along, artwork expertly rendered and animated in a multi-layed approach. Summer's here in the UK and it's a summer song, despite being released last year. Thanks Del for the recommendation - carnival time at Anima Mundi I guess - and also for the higher resolution link to Dailymotion . Tomorrow's movie has been decided by today's (in which the wolf does get to bite not one but two, three ... heads off.) Meanwhile I can't get the darned tune out of my head.

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