Monday, 25 August 2008

"Akryls" Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry, and Bruno Hajnel

I have featured a few animations from Gobelins of late and I have several UK graduation pieces to show so I'd better make a nod towards that other great French finishing school for the industry, Supinfocom. Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry, and Bruno Hajnel made Akryls in 2002. Partly underwater, perhaps charging through the internal body organs, maybe viewed from microscope, sometimes huge futuristic city the animation is spectacular. Not everyone's cup of tea or glass of wine but I like it.

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Martin Bowman said...

There is also an evolved sequel to this film. made as a ride animation and known as Bio bugs - it is even more spectacular but suffers from an annoying American narrator and can be downloaded here

from the wonderful No Fat Clips site