Friday, 8 August 2008

Chanya Hetayothin "Tempo Giusto"

I returned from France today to a rather full and interesting Inbox (trip to Greece!) and, when I logged into YouTube, this absolute delight from the hugely talented Chanya Hetayothin whose work I featured a couple of weeks back. Tempo Giusto might be defined as in strict or exact time. Chanya presents a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for those befuddled folk like me who have just attempted to spoil my holiday by the rush and delay of missed connections on the homeward journey. "We now live in a world that's stuck in fast forward. The world's obsessed with speed. And it comes to every aspect of our lives." So speaks the measured calm voice of narrator, Jennifer Sandal. There are no gimmicks in this artfully drawn piece, just light hearted advice about how to conduct one's life at a less than frenetic pace. It is also a beautifully made and, dare I say it, professional commercial. Chanya reduces her palette to soothing turquoise, violet and brown, the finish having a colour wash effect. Her humour is understated whilst the drawing is utterly first class. Such talent and still a year to go at UCLA. I predict a lot of things and my share portfolio demonstrates my ineptitude so it will come as no great bolster to Chanya that I envisage a great future for her. Ad firms for one will snap her up. And the ad works. I feel calmer already.

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