Thursday, 21 August 2008

Chris Do "Black/White" Raveonettes (Sound of Color)

Handled properly, and Black/White is, black and white movies have a sophisticated feel to them. The four minute video was based on the track by Raveonettes and was conceived and made in only three weeks, mixing puppetry, cut outs and computerised animation technology. One feature I liked was the intervention of a hand or two to move scenery and rig around. The company's website explanation speaks of the contrasts in the narrative: love/hate, life/death, young/old, daydream/nightmare, and ugliness/beauty. I like the sound produced by this Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo and the animation adds something of the dark quality of the lyrics without ever becoming too dark - rabbits, butterflies and children on a sea-saw are not exactly terrifying though the wolf has its moments I guess. The movement in the video is impressive and a dark, silhouetted lighthouse is always a good image. It was directed by Chris Do, founder of Bind Inc and his team (Paul Kim, Jason Kim, David Ando, Sakona Kong, Maithy Tran, Wakako Ichinose and Sakona Kong) in response to a campaign to launch their new ranges by Gap in which five directors had different colours to work with. I normally use screenshots whereas the images are taken from the company site where there's some informative comment and visuals to show the process.

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