Thursday, 14 August 2008

David Kaplan "Year of the Fish" & Phillipa Leuchars "Global Warning"

A correspondent has been pushing the David Kaplan movie, Year Of The Fish. To review the movie is difficult for me as I have not been as yet in a position to see it. Originally launched at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, it is to have its general premier in New York on August 29, 2008. The Animation Blog tends to feature short movies that I am able to offer links to in their entirety somewhere on the internet. Therefore the links are of necessity to various trailers, including the official trailer, or via the website. It takes the original Cinderella story from the 9th century Chinese original and transposes it into New York's Chinatown in which an innocent young girl, An Nguyen, is delegated to doing the menial chores after declining to engage in the nefarious activities at her distant relatives massage business. Given a magical goldfish by a street-seller she does in fact get to go to the New Year Ball. Kaplan has subjected the original live action to six months' post production work using a technique, Rotoscoping, probably best left to the studio to explain: "The animation was created with an advanced algorithmic digital painting technology to achieve a living, fluctuating painterly look. The aesthetic effect is totally unique, less like a graphic novel and more like a painting brought to life." It's not exactly a new technique, being used as far back as 1914 by Max Fleischer and in 1937 by Walt Disney in his Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs classic. The studio stills I've provided here in fact look a little more digitally enhanced than when viewing the trailer so I shall have to see how the overall movie looks on the big screen. It's a low budget film deserving of success and I shall certainly provide a full review when I've seen it. It's worth looking at the interview with the director. I now feel impelled to also provide a full movie, in this case another small budget movie, by one of my own students, 16 (or is it 15) year old Phillipa Leuchars who will provide a timely warning about not leaving your lights out. Pippa's simply drawn, black and white Flash animation, Global Warning, shows off her intelligence as much as her animating skill as she responds to the challenge of producing a Satire. It has just been selected for the Co-operative Young Film-Makers Festival, one of several of my school's movies to be honoured this year. I'll feature them as I am able.

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those year of the fish stills actually look pretty nice....