Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Gobelins & Annecy Animation Festival 2008

Continuing yesterday's trawl through the Gobelins' team efforts towards the classy introductory animations for the Annecy Animation Festival I turn to the other four. Yesterday's movie was selected because of its excellent dedicated website and because, on a whim, I wanted to explore the individuals concerned via their blogs. There is no contest here and they're all my favourites. Hand drawn by an animation school that has design and artistry central to its cause, sitting alongside a technical slickness.

VIP: Kherveen Dabylall, Denis Do, Benoît Guillaumot, Françoise Losito, and Patrick Pujalte - young people groove on the beach whilst young if rotund guy just lets it all hang out, delivering his invitation to Annecy with scarcely a bead of sweat. Glorious, shimmering colours of summer and I guess it's Lake Annecy Tourist Board.

Wild Casting: Nicolas Caffarel, Thomas Charra, Floriane Marchix, Jérémie Moreau, Baptiste Rogron, and Melvina Wong - a roaring lion chases two men who leap over tall buildings in their efforts to escape. A nice touch at the end linking up with Annecy and a spectacular and frantic chase to savour.
Garuda: Nicolas Athane, Meryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff and Maïlys Vallade - a young Indian boy looks out on a pool of fish and is disturbed by an illusive shadow which he follows ever upwards through an intricate city until he reaches a multicoloured canopy of leaves and he is able to take flight.
Supertromp: Par Brice Chevillard, Melody Cisinsky, David Francois and Jacques Jarczyk, Gaelle Thierry - young elephant boy wakes up belatedly and well before his recalcitrant beast who simply will not stir from his slumbers. No missing the deadline so up the elephant goes and onto the back of his master who arrives at his destination in time to take off. I have not quite completed my selection of Annecy/Gobelin shorts but that's for the next day or so. But what a training exercise for the second year students.
Finally, whilst tracing the links for the animations I came across this treasure trove of a website - Lines and Colours - written and assembled by Philadelphia's webcomics artist, cartoonist, illustrator, web site designer and Flash animator - Charley Parker - that is so visually attractive and eclectic in its coverage of anything that has lines or colour in it, as well as being literate and beguiling reading.

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