Saturday, 30 August 2008

Hannah Suppiah "The Predatory Habits Of Yetis"

Not many know this but there are different types of Yeti. Watch The Predatory Habits Of Yetis (link to website) and all your queries will be answered. Naturally there's the common-o-garden white type. These of course are two a penny, particularly in the Himalayas though perhaps not so prevalent in suburban gardens. It takes someone of great dedication to classify the species into their distinctive groups and then proceed to explore the hitherto unknown subject of predation. The Loomavore or Glow Yeti eats floating glows and the progress of its lunch can be viewed all along the digestive tract. It does indeed glow all over which is very illuminating apart from in the dark when it comes face to jaws with the Carnivore Pilosus, Hairy Yeti, a situation that can get hairy indeed if it were not for the Great Rooted Altus. All this and more, including the origins of those floating glows, in an intriguing and unusual animation by Norwich School of Art and Design's Hannah Suppiah whose graduation piece this is. With a nice line in hushed sound effects - the Yeti hunts and is hunted almost silently - and some soft pastel and watercolour effects, a nice idea is developed well for its 3 minutes or so. Hannah's blog, YouTube Channel and indeed website are informative and slickly created. Her sketches and artwork reveal a most able artist willing to experiment and this talent permeates her animation. I am fortunate to have been sent a full DVD of the university's graduation movies and on the big screen one can revel in the deliciously muted colours of the work, as if fresh from the canvas, and a particularly fine Fog Yeti.

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