Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I-Wei Huang (Crabfu)

I returned from my short trip to Spain today to receive the following in my mailbox. I normally don't post commercial stuff though this seems interesting from the YouTube clips anyway. (The images are from my trip to the Basque fiesta festival and Frank Gehry's building for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I was interested in the museum's retrospective of the Madrid sculptor, Juan Muñoz, but ended up more impressed by the exhibition of surrealist fashion and items for the home. Couldn't get a photo inside but the statues outside are laughing at it all. ) Back to the robotics:
Many have probably already heard of I-Wei Huang (aka Crabfu) the animation artist and steamworks expert. His work has been showcased on places such as WIRED, the NBC TechNow! Show, Make Magazine, Robot Magazine, and many others. Recently, Crabfu has found yet another way to express himself as an artist; Robotics. His Swashbots and other robotic creations have blanketed the Net over the past several months.
Robotics can be intimidating to many, but did you know that you do not have to be a guru in electronics and/or programming to get your feet wet? To demonstrate, Trossen Robotics sent a Bioloid Robot Kit out to Crabfu. Having no programming experience whatsoever, Crabfu explains just how easy it is to get involved in this exciting new hobby. Crabfu starts with an excellent video review of the Bioloid Robot Kit, and follows with an in-depth review of the Bioloid kit. We invite everyone to check out his thread in the TRC, which will show you, from an outside perspective, just how easy it is to get started in robotics!
Thank you
- The Trossen Robotics Team
Tomorrow I'm reviewing a series of commercials I've been told about by a proud American - they were never shown in the UK.

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