Monday, 18 August 2008

La ballade sauvage (The Wild Ride) Cyril Drouin, May Nguyen, Gabriel Jollymonge, Elen Le Tannou & Marion Stinghe

La ballade sauvage is a short piece in which a young couple quarrel, causing the girl to fall into the water. Several metamorphoses occur as they transform into fish and birds as their courtship, for such it is I guess, is continued in graceful chase or aerial display before they drift to the forest floor, bird and girl, white and black feather. The animation is one of five animations chosen for the introductions to the Annecy festival. Produced without language, and giving free rein to the second year students from the esteemed l'école de l'image, Gobelins, these animations are quite extraordinarily artistic. Tomorrow I shall take a look at the other four movies. For today I was interested to look at the website set up by the five students for their project and follow the links to their blogs. What I liked about La ballade sauvage was the fluidity of movement and the artistic quality underpinning it. The students' blogs all give ample evidence of their artistic ability and three have show reels. Remembering my second year as a student I certainly would not have had any sort of portfolio prepared only a stream of requests for overdue essays. However the five students are as follows and where a show reel exists I have indicated that. May Nguyen has a fabulous show reel with upbeat music and some fine still life and sketches in the portfolio. I liked the thick daubs of red and yellow paint of the portrait. Elen Le Tannou (look at speed painting below) and Gabriel Jollymonge (wind turbines) do not have show reels though each has ample indications of their talent for design. Cyril Drouin has an impressive international site in three languages and a jazzy show reel from which the image of the brightly coloured street is taken below. Marion Stinghe has a similarly full portfolio of work on show and the two giraffes are taken from her own show reel. Together they, of course, created a lovely piece of work - and only in their second year. I shall make a point of seeing how their work develops in their final year.

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