Monday, 11 August 2008

Radiohead & Aniboom Winners Announced

Radiohead and launched the “In Rainbows animated video contest” March 17th. Over 1100 submissions later Radiohead have chosen the Winners from the 5 remaining finalists. Radiohead chose 4 Winners instead of just one grand winner. The band were so impressed by the standard of the videos that they contributed an extra $30,000 to the prize pool, making the total $40,000 - giving 4 winners $10,000 each, and the chance to create a full length video based on their clip. The winning videos and details can be found at

The winning video clip submissions and their creative teams are:
15 Step V2.0” by Kota Totori, Japan, for the song “15 Step” (
16 Tracks Vs. Videotape 2.0” by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter, Germany, for the song “Videotape” (
Reckoner V2” by Clement Picon, France, for the song “Reckoner” (
Transmutation” by Tobias Stretch, U.S.A., for the song “Weird Fishes / Arpeggi” (


Anonymous said...

since this blog is all about animation, you should definitely check out YEAR OF THE FISH at

It's a new animated movie that played at Sundance and will open at the end of August.

you should definitely write a blog about it!

Ian Lumsden said...

I've just taken a look and will write up a review in the next day or so. Nice PR job, by the way!