Friday, 22 August 2008

"World War" Vincent Chai

Hold onto your seats. World War won the Grand Prix for the best animation from the 2008 Animation Expose event from University of Herfordshire. I can see why. It is terrific fun. In a race against time to avoid a new nuclear war a robot has to pit his skill against another even more terrifying if deviant robot. The plot of Vincent Chai's graduation animation movie is conventional enough and, in a sense so is the action, but it truly is breathtaking in its execution once we are introduced to the robots that form, like the car in the advert, from a vehicle, in this case an old WW2 warplane. I am quite amazed how one person, for such it is despite the credits for sound and music, can do all this animation. The sheer detail of 1045 Hiroshima, the setting for the duel and explosion that is to be staged there, is impressive enough though the transformation from plane to robot and the fight scene itself rivet one to the screen. It's not the most original piece I have ever seen but it is so technically accomplished and absorbing with Vincent imbuing the action with touches of humour to lighten proceedings. Savas Palechorus and Michael Eugene Yap provided the cleverly synchronised music and Haydn Payne did the same for the sound effects. The university clearly provides a sound grounding in a variety of software packages, Vincent principally using Autodesk Maya for the 3D, and Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for visual features and texture. Vincent's is a model website, with his professional details, design sketches and even a high definition version of the movie. I deem him to be very employable given this magnificent graduation movie and, remembering my role as teacher of younger students, the university might just pick up a batch of my youngsters on the back of this effort.

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Thanks for the kind review of one of our student's films :)

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