Monday, 22 September 2008

4Talent Awards shortlist

4Talent magazine is Channel 4’s bi-annual creative arts title and they have just announced the 2008 shortlists for the 4Talent Awards. It embraces 20 categories and the one that concerns us is Animation with five candidates for the winning position, due to be notified by 31 October. I have trumpeted the work of Karen Penman and Liam Brazier often enough and I acted as referee for their entry so, naturally, wish them well. The full list is:
Ian Wharton, 23 & Edward Shires, Preston
Mark Nute, 29, Gateshead
Jessica Cope, 24, North Yorkshire
Karen Penman, 28 & Liam Brazier, Essex
Cassiano Prado, 30, London
For further details go here. (4Talent )

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