Friday, 19 September 2008

Andrée-Ann Brassard "Colis Express"

23 year old Montreal based Andrée-Ann Brassard is the latest recruit to the celebrated Pascal Blais Studio. Her work is, by way of variety, totally different to that featured yesterday. She works in the mode of Pixar, that is, finely detailed 3D and decidedly computer-animated. Andrée-Ann is no mean artist with pencil and paper as a visit to her Blog will verify. Indeed she labels one sketch as "a rare specimen, a drawing on paper" and a comparison with the coloured drawing is revealing of her style. Produced whilst at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 2007, Colis Express obviously wowed the studio. It is a simple enough cowboy (or rather cowduck) and horse tale in which the horse bucks its rider. There's a lot of character in the animations. I've heard it said that the Pixar style is the ability to create a performance in the characters. Horse and rider in this piece do just that. The horse has got an attitude. Alongside this of course is the crisp, stylised figures, smooth motion and vibrant colour that beams out from the screen. The Pixar style is not for all animators but Pascal has added a talented exponent of the art if this example is anything to go by. I guess Maya is used here. Pixar have their own highly rated programs Marionette (modeling, animating and lighting) and RenderMan (rendering). For an interesting comparison in terms of style and development see Andrée-Ann's 2D Les Maraudeurs made in 2005.

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