Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Carolina Melis "Hands"

The post for today should have appeared yesterday! Hands is a one minute commercial designed to inform parents that hands should be used to support children rather than to smack them. "Hands should nurture not punish” is the message of Carolina Melis' nicely conceived commercial. In a series of colourful, upbeat scenes we follow the progress of the child seen throughout in black or white silhouette. Hands shelter from huge raindrops, act as a ladder, catch the falling figure, play and protect. The abstract, child-like scenery is bursting with colour and at all times the hands are there to guide the rather chirpy child. As the text and message appears on the screen the hands embrace the child forming a heart shape. "Are your hands weapons of love?" asks the sponsors, the NSPCC. The ad was commissioned by the Council of Europe through Saatchi and Saatchi using the London based agency Nexus Productions. Carolina is one of those talented artists able to excel in different art forms. Moving from her home in Sardinia she studied dance and choreography at London Contemporary Dance School and Dartington College of Arts. She then gravitated to an MA in Communication Design at Central St Martins where she specialized in animation and illustration. In 2005, one year after her graduation, she commenced working for Nexus. Not content with this she has recently launched Galinanova, a fashion and design project inspired by traditional Sardinian craft work. The link above is to her website and the third dot is the the animation in question though there's other work I could easily have focused on.

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