Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Co-operative Young Film-Makers

The Co-operative Young Film-Makers festival will be taking place 9 & 10 October 2008 at the National Media Museum in Bradford here in the UK. I received the following from the organiser and, as on the Thursday some of my students' work is featured, thought it might be of interest to younger browsers:

Dear Film Fan
Each year The Co-operative encourages young people to express themselves and make a short film. The result is the Co-operative Young Film-Makers festival.
Over the 2 days of the festival we'll be showing 100 of these short films, all made by under 21's, on the big screen. We'll also be holding a wide variety of film workshops, events and masterclasses. The screenings are absolutely free and the top price workshop is just £3! Open to the general public, come along and watch a diverse range of fun, inspirational and thought-provoking films. Network, be inspired, participate, be challenged, be co-operative, be co-operative.
Whether you're a film-maker, film enthusiast, a proud parent or teacher, or you just want to be inspired - there is something for everyone at the festival.
To download a festival programme, please go to and click on the pink ball.
Best wishes
Phaedra Patrick Festival Organiser

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